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Danko Lab @Cornell

We study how gene expression is encoded in DNA, and how this process contributes to evolution, development, and disease.

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  1. Detecting Regulatory Elements using GRO-seq and PRO-seq

    R 17 15

  2. Parse TF motifs from public databases, read into R, and scan using 'rtfbs'.

    R 21 8

  3. Identify transcription factor-enhancer/promoter-gene network from run-on sequencing data

    R 1 2

  4. Preprocesses and Aligns Run-On Sequencing (PRO/GRO/ChRO-seq) data from Single-Read or Paired-End Illumina Sequencing

    Shell 7 7

  5. The R package for SVM with GPU architecture based on the GTSVM software

    C++ 21 9

  6. Identification of transcription factor binding patterns using genome-wide accessibility and transcription

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