Swift binding to GMP Integer
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Swift binding to GMP Integer


GMP. The project file is configured for GMP installed via MacPorts. In other words, the prefix for includes and library is /opt/local. If you are using different prefix, adjust the project setting accordingly.

Bugs and Workarounds for GMP prior to 6.0.0_1

GMP 6.0.0 with MacPorts 2.3.1 build with XCode 6 Beta 2 had a strange bug on division operations where the denominator fits unsigned int. It fails like this.


To workaround it, this project left-shifts both numerator and denominator 64 bits to make sure the operation is true bigint on true bigint. That yields the same quotient with left-shifted remainder. The remainder is then right-shifted 64 bits. Therefore the division operation is not as optimal as it should be.

This bug is fixed in 6.0.0_1 so the workaround was also removed.