Brownian colloid simulator for binary systems
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A brownian colloid simulator.

BCIM is currently being developed to study the dynamics of coculture colloidal systems (namely cancerous-healthy cell systems). BCIM is designed to also address systems of many species where species have varying interactions between them.


(From documentation)

BCIM's simulation portion is written in the Julia programming language. It is built using a relatively recent release of the development build (0.4). It may work on the current stable release (0.3.6), though it has not been tested.

Intstalling Julia

The nightly build is recommended as development on BCIM is done on the developmental release branch. Nightlies can be found on the Julia download page. Better yet, build julia from source using the directions on the Julia github.


Post processing is done in python 3.6, though any release of python 3 should work. Follow a guide online on how to install python 3 for your environment.

Matplotlib and Numpy

BCIM uses Matplotlib for graphics and Numpy for numerical work. Both can be installed using pip::

pip install numpy matplotlib


BCIM can be installed by cloning into the git repository on github::

git clone

The src directory will have to be added to your shell path or the src/julia/BCIM.jl module can be inculeded by absolute reference inside your run files.