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Automata Lab

Visualization web client for VASim by Dan Kramp

This software allows the user to visualize and simulate large-scale automata. It is highly interactive and much faster than existing automata displaying software.

AutomataLab Fullscreen Demo

How To Install + Run

This tool uses Wt, a C++ Web Toolkit v.3.7.7 for deployment and HTML generation. This must be installed on your computer before you can deploy locally (see below for installation). It also utilizes Sigma.js for graph display/interaction and VASim for automata simulation. Both git directories are included.

First, clone the repo:

git clone
cd AutomataLab

Once all the files are downloaded, run the following (downloads and installs required dependencies):

sudo apt-get install witty witty-dev g++-5 nasm libboost-all-dev

To compile and run each time after, use make run. To skip compiling, simply use ./ instead. Then in your browser, navigate to the link provided by Wt:

    [info] "wthttp: started server:"

How To Use

See the Wiki page for complete details on using and coding Automata Lab.

Citing Automata Lab

If you use Automata Lab as a part of your work, please use the following citation:

Kramp, D., Wadden, J., and Skadron, K. "Automata Lab: An Open-Source Automata Visualization, Simulation, and Manipulation Tool." University of Virginia, Tech Report #CS2017-03, 2017.

    Author = {Kramp, Dan and Wadden, Jack and Skadron, Kevin},
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    Title = {{Automata Lab: An Open-Source Automata Visualization, Simulation, and Manipulation Tool}},
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