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#SendGrid-CFML This is a library allows you to quickly and easily send emails through SendGrid's using CFML. It is heavily based on SendGrid's official libraries. Module support for ColdBox 4

SendGrid's official Web API documentation can be found here

##Usage Examples

###As a Coldbox Module

This library can be dropped in as a ColdBox module in your ColdBox app's modules folder. It assumed some default username and credentials but they're bogus and won't work so you'll need to get your own from SendGrid.

####Configuration Sample

In Coldbox.cfc:

function configure(){
    // custom settings
    settings = {
        SendGrid = {
            apiUsername: "yourUsername",
            apiPassword: "yourPassword",
            options: {}

You can set environment specific credentials too from Coldbox.cfc

function configure(){
    environments = {
        development = "localhost,"

* Development environment
function development(){
    settings = {
        SendGrid = {
            apiUsername: "usernameDev",
            apiPassword: "passwordDev",
            options: {}

####Using it in your ColdBox app

There are a few different ways you can then access the SendGrid service and send email.

    property name="SendGrid" inject="SendGrid@sendgrid-cfml";

    function foo(){
        //Set up email model with methods.
        getModel( 'email@sendgrid-cfml' );
        email.setSubject('This is an email');
        email.setHtml('<p>This is an HTML email</p>');

        //or init the email in one go:
        email = getModel( 'email@sendgrid-cfml' ).init({ to: '',
                                                         from: '',
                                                         subject: 'This is an email',
                                                         html: '<p>This is an HTML email</p>'});

        //just use it if SendGrid injected with Wirebox via property

        //or if you need to use different credentials than the ones specified in your app
        //you can grab a new instance and init accordingy
        mailer = getModel( 'sendgrid@sendgrid-cfml' ).init("newUsername", "newPass");


###As a plain old object

sendGrid = new"username", "password");
email = new sendgrid-cfml.models.Email.init({ to: '',
                                              from: '',
                                              subject: 'This is an email',
                                              html: '<p>This is an HTML email</p>'});







More Coming soon...

...So I won't forget this with the rest of the docs: email.setDate('Wed, 17 Dec 2014 19:21:16 +0000'); Must be in RFC-2822 Date format!


There are 85+ tests! Wowee!

  1. Use CommandBox and run box install against the directory where this repo has been cloned. CommandBox will download and install TestBox to run tests.

  2. Add the following environment variables for the tests to use to test outgoing email and connecting to SendGrid. It will send live emails and use credits against your account:

    • SENDGRID_USERNAME = :yourSendGridUsername
    • SENDGRID_PASSWORD = :yourSendGridPassword
  3. Start a server with box server startand browse to /test/runner.cfm to run test suite.


  1. Fork it ([my-github-username]/sendgrid-cfml/fork )
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b feature/my-new-feature)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Create a new Pull Request

It'd be really, really terriffic if you wrote tests for your changes to.


Log issues with GitHub Issues

##Thanks I was going a bit crazy trying to convert unicode chars for the X-SMTPAPI headers. Big thanks to this Saman W Jayasekara @cfloveorg and this blog post! I rewrote it in cfscript for use in SMTPAPI.cfc.

This is my first ColdBox Module. I referenced Jon Clausen's cfmongodb for how to do some module configuration defaults and pulling in settings from Coldbox.cfc


CFML wrapper library and Coldbox Module for SendGrid's Web API







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