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Read documents at lightning speed. A simple Preact app. This is an app to help you read text quickly. You can read much faster when you only see one word at a time. This removes the need to scan lines of text, which slows your brain down way more than you think.

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Screenshot of the Speed Reader app in action

Using the app

Copy and paste some an article you find on the web into the text box. Use the slider in the middle of the screen to adjust the speed at which words are shown to you. You can use the slider to go backwards if you missed something!

Click the Globe icon in the header to autoload the content from a URL. Support must be added per-URL, as every site displays their content differently. Currently supports BBC News, Wired, and Medium.

Initial code setup

Thanks for wanting to try this out!

Get building

git clone
cd speed-reader
npm install
npm install -g preact-cli
npm run dev

Get deploying (to my heroku)

About tools

This project used the Preact CLI to get off the ground, as I'd never used Preact and have only poked around in React. It requires installing preact-cli globally.

Future features

This is a work in progress and is currently in the prototype phase. Potential extensions:

  • Share a URL to the app, and it opens with the URL's article text already loaded -- great for mobile
  • Make a browser extension - one-click speed reading
  • Make the progress bar interactive - drag it like a video
  • Make the speed slider behave like a controller joystick (this was the idea that got me into this project)
    • Snaps back to the middle (zero WPM) when you let go
    • Pushes back (resistance) at the high end of the scale

Side note

There are a ton of apps and services already out there that do this. This idea started with seeing a GIF posted to Facebook illustrating the idea of reading quickly one word at a time, and I started building without looking into competitors.

Deployment Process

npm run build
hero static:deploy


Read documents at lightning speed. A simple Preact app. | Status: Prototype, online






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