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Lisp utility functions : package management, data formatting, content types, dot, unit tests, ...
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asdf adjust load order to avoid warnings; local directory-pathname-p
bsd added bsd for mcl bsd ops; added function/package/class walker
clos correct package references for sbcl
codecs align string handling with ruby implementation; simplify package rela…
dot stream-line-column for sbcl
graph documentation
mime correct declarations in codecs closures; add sizer; add consolidted e…
test hook method_missing to call_lisp
walker more circumspective code parsing; simpler directory call
.gitattributes attributes,ignore housekeeping
.gitignore attributes,ignore housekeeping readme edits
build-init.lisp readme edits with build example
conditions.lisp add assertion operators, general and for arguments types, from amqp, …
date.lisp export additional date format
documentation-stub.lisp remove document
lgpl.txt add license file
list.lisp add 'last' operator to list collector to support dotted lists
lock.lisp documentation
meta.lisp added to support
modpackage.lisp clean up declarations
package.lisp import symbols for sbcl
pathnames.lisp guard P-LIBRARY logical host definition against duplicating LIBRARY
string.lisp add '_' package
utility.asd remove documentation to separate library

DE.SETF.UTILITY: a collection of Common Lisp utilities

de.setf.utility is a collection of Common Lisp utility functions and several purpose-specific libraries.

The extension libraries include

  • stream and buffer serialization : de.setf.utility.codecs
    • Erlang Term Format serialization : de.setf.utility.codecs.etf
  • date coding :
  • graphiz .dot graph generation :
  • mime content types and simple utf coding : de.setf.utility.mime
  • unit tests : de.setf.utility.test
    • an rspec interface : de.setf.utility.test.rspec
  • code, image, package, system walkers : de.setf.utility.walker



The core library and all extensions are available from GitHub.


de.set.utility and its extensions are built with asdf. The core library can be built by adding its the utility.asd system definition file to the asdf registry and executing

(asdf:load-system :de.setf.utility)

The extension libraries require support for hierarchical system names in order to locate their prerequistes. The file build-init.lisp does the necessary to permit a build from the command-line. For example

$ sbcl --userinit build-init.lisp \
  --eval "(asdf:load-system :de.setf.utility.test.rspec)" \
  --eval '(cl-user::save-image "sbcl-rspec.core")'


This version is released under version 3 of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). The core library has no external dependencies. de.set.utility.walker depends on runtime-sepecific introspection extensions. de.setf.utility.tst.rspec depends on posix extensions for access to syslog.

made with mcl

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