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ManarDB is a performant Memory-Mapped storage allocation system based on the common-lisp object system meta-object-protocol.

This is an enhanced fork of the original manardb distribution, (version designation '0.1.20090911) that provides support for non-linux platforms, compatibility with current releases of required libraries, updates supporting most current common-lisp implementations, and a number of miscellaneous fixes and feature enhancements. It does not necessarily seek to maintain backward compatibility with the API provided by the original distribution in all cases.

The primary goal of this branch is to provide a robust storage management layer to support implementation of persistence and garbage collection for higher-level data-structures -- principally at this time focused on CL-CTRIE.


(asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op 'manardb-test) (manardb.test:test-all-manardb) #<test-run: 24 tests, 3528843 assertions, 0 failures (0 expected) in 30.306 sec>


Based on ManarDB version 0.1.20090911 by Mathematical Systems Incorporated.

  • Thanks to John Fremlin for a nice platform to hack and extend.
  • Thanks to Pascal Costanza for MOP conformance and other advice.