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* jruby-1.3.1 installed and set up on your path
* rspec gem installed via gem install rspec
* make sure that JAVA_HOME points to a 1.6 type JDK (this is especially true on OSX Leopard)
Running the Ant-based unit-tests
rake java:test
Running the RSpec parsing specs
Compile the java code and run the specs:
rake jruby:test
If you want to run it manually, without compiling:
jruby -J-XstartOnFirstThread -S spec spec
On Linux:
jruby -S spec spec/
Just so you know: You're free to use whatever IDE or editor to code on java-mateview.
You can use the rake tasks to compile your code and run the tests easily.
If you do however use the Eclipse IDE you also get the Eclipse project settings right away
when checking out the repository.
Alas, there are platform dependent libraries this project relies on, you need to do one little
thing to be on the way to code in eclipse (The rake + ant files do this in their own way).
Eclipse Setup
* Clone the repository so you have your own version to work with.
* Import the project.
* Set up a variable to point to the lib/{your platform here}/swt.jar
- Go to: Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Build Path -> Classpath Variables
- Choose "new" -> File
- Name the variable SWT_JAR and point it to the lib/{platform}/swt.jar in the java-mateview folder.