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== 1.0 / 2009-09-27
* MinGW is a valid Windows platform type.
* Can use ~bang and ~ques in a regex and they will be turned into ! and ?
This is to get around bash.
* Added -k negative file match option (Contributed by Juozas Gaigalas')
* Added .cc and .hpp to the C++ file types
* Added Vala file types
* 20% faster on average
* Moved to Github
== 0.9 / 2008-02-03
* Added .rake to ruby files
* Colouring works on Win32 if win32console gem is installed.
* Checks that file is readable by the current user.
* Ignores socket files.
* Added .erb and .haml to Ruby filetypes.
* Added search at end-of/start-of line options
* Fixed searching up the directory tree when passed '.'
== 0.8.0 / 2007-10-30
* Initial release.
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