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Mostly TextMate-compat #16

3 commits merged into from Dec 15, 2010

2 participants

taw commented Dec 10, 2010

Working off my wishlist at

Changes are:

  • TextMate/Emacs-compatible Ctrl-A/Ctrl-E on all systems (and select all moved to Ctrl-Shift-A)
  • Ctrl-T to ignore spaces like in TextMate
  • Ctrl-K fixed support for \r\n
  • Ctrl-K handles edge cases (end of line, end of file) like TextMate - it will remove \n if you press Ctrl-K just before \n; it won't append unnecessary \n at end of file etc.
  • Relevant tests.

All these changes have low impact.


Merged it. Thanks Taw!

This issue was closed.
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