Code Commenting

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Toggle Line Comment

Menu: Edit > Formatting > Toggle Block Comment

Shortcut: Ctrl+/

Toggles the current selection from commented-out to uncommented. Each line is checked for the current single-line comment character(s). If the line is currently commented then the comment character is removed, otherwise the line is prepending by the comment character(s).

Toggle Block Comment

Menu: Edit > Formatting > Toggle Block Comment

Shortcut: Ctrl+.

Toggles a comment characters which wrap the current selection or line.

Extending this Plugin

If a particular language isn't supported (yet), you can add support for it by defining the comment characters in a comment_extension.json file in ~/.redcar or [project_path]/.redcar like so:

    "C++": {
        "line_comment" : "//",
        "start_block"  : "/*",
        "end_block"    : "*/"
    "Perl": {
        "line_comment"    : "#"

and remember to send a pull request for any languages you want to add. :)


  • The use of the internal comment library is hopefully temporary, and use of TextMate bundle characters should happen soon.
  • The RSense plugin has the same keymapping as Toggle Line Comment (not sure how to handle this, yet)
  • An option to disable the warning when using default comment strings is in the plugin preferences, as well as settings for the defaults

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