Command Line Options

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Running Redcar

Redcar can be run from a shortcut or from the command line.

Common command line options

Running Redcar from the command line offers many additional options not exposed through the menu.
Typing redcar --help gives you the following information

redcar --help
Redcar 0.13
Usage: redcar [OPTIONS] [FILE|DIR]*
 --multiple-instance  Don't attempt to open files and dirs in an already running instance
             --debug  JRuby debugging mode: activates the profiling commands in the Debug menu
--untitled-file=PATH  Open the given file as an untitled tab.
      --ignore-stdin  Ignore stdin.
              --fork  Detach from the console.
         --no-window  Don't force opening a window on Redcar startup
     --home-dir=PATH  Use the specified directory as Redcar home directory
                  -w  Open the specified files and wait until they are closed
          -l[NUMBER]  Open a specified file at line NUMBER. Multiple comma-seperated args for multiple files are allowed.
          --show-log  Print Redcar's log to stdout
   --log-level=LEVEL  Set the log level to LEVEL (default is info, options are debug, info, warn, error)
         --no-splash  Do not show the splash screen on startup

In addition the following command line options are available:

  --font=FONT  Choose font
  --font-size=SIZE  Choose font point size
  --theme=THEME  Choose Textmate theme

A complete list of themes can be found in the ${redcar-home}/plugins/textmate/vendor/redcar-bundles/themes and ~/.redcar/textmate/themes directory.

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