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For Users

  • Cross platform: OS X, Linux, Windows.
  • Syntax highlighting for many languages
  • Syntax Checking
  • Snippets for many languages
  • TextMate Theme support
  • Split panes using either vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Block typing
  • Soft tabs
  • Optional line numbers
  • Bracket and quote matching
  • Automatic indentation for many languages
  • Directory tree pane
  • My Plugin – example plugin to start playing with editing for yourself
  • Bulk Rename files and directories
  • Source Control integration for Subversion and Git
  • Build System and Shell Command support via Runnables
  • Remote file editing
  • Configurable Macros

For Plugin Authors

  • Written in Ruby
  • A built-in Ruby REPL for exploring Redcar APIs
  • Tree and Document APIs for defining new custom views