How to contribute

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The Redcar devs will gladly receive any code you send in. However, there are some guidelines that will make it more likely that the code you send in will get merged into the Redcar tree:

  • Don’t work in secret! Discuss what you’re doing on the mailing list. It’ll make sure nobody is duplicating work, and also makes it more likely that your code will be accepted since core devs will have commented and made suggestions already.
  • Have your work on a fork of Redcar on Github. This serves two purposes. First it smoothes the process of evaluating patches, second it means that when merged the main Redcar tree will contain a reference to your project and therefore to you. You want the credit right?
  • Submit your patch on the mailing list Send a message to the Redcar mailing list at with a subject line like “[PATCH] my great code”.
  • Write tests. Your code will be merged much faster if it is well tested. We use RSpec for unit testing, and Cucumber for SWT integration testing.

Code Guidelines

  • Use 2 spaces indentation everywhere.
  • Never use @@class_variables.
  • Always:
def foo(bar)


def foo bar