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Application preferences are stored in .yaml files in ~/.redcar. Eventually we will implement a proper preferences dialog, but in the meantime if you need to edit them (and you are comfortable in YAML!), you can use Plugins > Edit Preferences. (Changes will probably require a restart.)

Current editable options


  • How quickly the fuzzy finder list refreshes.
    (set to a lower number for a faster experience)
pause_before_update_seconds: 0.25


  • Whether to refresh the fuzzy finder cache.
    (set to false for a faster experience)
clear_cache_on_refocus: true


  • Have Redcar “stay resident” and not really close when you close the last window.
    This allows you to re-use the existing process when you want to edit another directory or file.
    (set to true for a faster experience)
stay_resident_after_last_window_closed: false
  • Show/hide the toolbar
show_toolbar: true


  • Choose whether to refresh the directory trees with updated file lists after focus changes back to the app.
    (set to false for a faster experience)
refresh_trees_on_refocus: true
  • You can set regexes of files you don’t want displayed in your fuzzy finder.
  - !ruby/regexp /.*\.class/i
  - !ruby/regexp /.*\.as/i

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