The Interface

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Navigating the UI

Menu Bar

The menu bar is a panel at the top of the main window. It contains 8 sub-menus by default. Plugins may add their own sub-menus or menu-items. See the section on Menus for additional information.


The directory panel is only displayed when specifying a directory when opening Redcar or by using the Open Directory command (File » Open Directory).

The directory panel displays a tree view of all of the files and sub directories under the selected directory. Directories are listed first and have a folder icon displayed to their left. Click on the little triangle displayed to the left of the folder icon or double click on the directory name or folder icon to open the directory. Click on the little triangle or double click the directory name or icon to close.

Files are listed second and have a file icon to their left. Double click on the filename or file icon to open the file in a new Tab.

Right click in the Directory pane to bring up a context menu.


Tabs are listed across the top of the editor panel. The Tab title is the same as the file name (not including it’s path). New Tabs are given the label ‘untitled’. To switch between Tabs click on the other Tab’s tab area. It is also possible to switch between Tabs by using the Previous Tab (Ctrl-Page Up), Next Tab (Ctrl-Page Down), or Switch Tab (Alt-1..9) commands under the View menu.

The order of Tabs may be changed by dragging a Tab’s tab area to a new position in the Tab list.

Tabs display an asterisks before the filename if the file has been modified since the last time it was opened or last saved (commonly referred to as dirty.)

Editor Window

The Editor Panel (also referred to the Editor Window) is the main area in Redcar. The Editor Panel is where you will view and edit the source code you are working on. The Editor panel will take on different appearance depending on the Theme selected. The Editor panel supports common navigation operations (Top, End, Page Down…), editing operations (Cut-Copy-Paste), Undo, Redo, Syntax Highlighting, and command/snippet completion.


A toolbar of common commands can optionally be displayed via the menu in View > Show Toolbar

Speed Bars

Speed bars are panels displayed at the bottom of the Editor panel. Only one Speed Bar can be displayed at a time. To close a Speed Bar click on the ‘X’ icon at the left end of the Speed Bar.

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