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Customizing Redcar Views

Managing screen real estate is a key part of text editor usability. Redcar has several options for customizing views, available from the "View" menu.

  • Current Document Outline: View an outline of the document (for supported languages) and navigate to specific sections

  • Appearance: Options for changing the current font and theme

  • Toggle Fullscreen

  • Toggle Browser Bar Hide or show the web browser navigation bar (available if a Web View is focussed)


  • Switch between windows by title

Notebooks (Split Panes)

  • New Notebook: Opens a new pane (or "Notebook") for tabs, to the right of the first
  • Close Notebook: Closes the second notebook. All tabs in the second notebook are appended to the first
  • Rotate Notebooks: Changes notebook alignment from horizontal to vertical (i.e. One notebook "above" the other, rather than "beside" the other)
  • Move Tab to Other Notebook: Move the current tab to the other notebook. Tabs can also be dragged from one notebook to the other
  • Switch Notebooks: Move the cursor from one notebook to the other


  • Previous Tab: Focus the previous tab in a notebook
  • Next Tab: Focus the next tab in a notebook
  • Move Tab Left: Move the current tab one tab to the left in the notebook order
  • Move Tab Right: Move the current tab one tab to the right in the notebook order
  • Switch Tab: Focus a specific tab by number


  • Open Tree Finder: Filter and focus an open tree, like the directory or bundle browser
  • Toggle Tree Visibility: Hide or Show the tree pane
  • Increase Tree Width: Increase the width of the tree pane
  • Decrease Tree Width: Decrease the width of the tree pane
  • Next/Previous Tree: Switch the focussed tree

Toggle View Items

  • Show Toolbar: Toggle toolbar visibility (hidden by default on OS X)
  • Show Invisibles: Toggle whitespace character visibility
  • Show Line Numbers: Toggle line number visibility

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