Web Integration

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Easy access to project or online web pages is available from inside Redcar.

###Web Previews

  • Preview Markup files (HTML,etc) from the "Web Preview" option in the File menu


  • View saved web and project links from the bookmarks tree. Open the tree from the menu via Project > Web Bookmarks, or using the globe icon in the toolbar.

  • Add bookmarks to a 'web_bookmarks.json' file in either the project .redcar directory or ~/.redcar (or both) in the following format:

    { "bookmarks" : [ { "name" : "JUnit Test Results", "protocol" : "file", "url" : "PROJECT_PATH/target/test-reports/html/index.html" }, { "name" : "Groovy JDK", "protocol" : "file", "url" : "/APIs/groovy/docs/api/index.html", "group" : "API" }, { "name" : "Java 6 API", "protocol" : "http", "url" : "www.javac.com/api/", "group" : "API" } }

  • Links can be relative to the project directory using __PROJECT_PATH__ variable in URLs

  • Bookmarks without groups will be displayed at the top of the list.

  • If desired, links can instead be opened using the default system browser instead of from inside Redcar by updating user preferences in Edit > Preferences > html_view (or the Preferences menu item in the Cocoa UI menu on OS X)

###Using the Browser Navigation Bar

  • Bookmarks can be added by pressing the '+' button
  • The browser bar can be disabled by default for bookmarks in Edit > Preferences > web_bookmarks
  • To reopen a closed browser bar, open View > Toggle Browser Bar
  • Browser bar works on any focussed HtmlTab, not just bookmarks and previews

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