Redcar plugins

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3rd Party Plugins

Here are all the third party plugins we know about: (Feel free to add yours to the bottom.)

  • Github viewer ( View a Github repository in Redcar )
  • Go to github (Show current file in github, and selects the same lines that are selected in RedcarEditor)
  • Find in project (fast find in project plugin, grep required)
  • GCCSense (highly precise code completion for C/C++, GCCSense required)
  • RSense (highly precise code completion for Ruby)
  • redcar-pastie (create a gist from Redcar)
  • redcar-help (Displays a help file/user guide for Redcar)
  • touchy (Adds a ‘Touch File’ option to the project context menu)
  • Sparkup Adds Sparkup (similar to Zen Coding but better) functionalities to Redcar
  • Hotswap A Redcar Editor plugin which opens a context menu for opening a related file or running arbitrary Ruby commands
  • Tab Pane A list of open redcar tabs
  • Highlight Line Highlights the cursor line
  • Filter Through Command A redcar editor plugin for modifying and displaying text using shell commands
  • Live Reload Refresh a browser web page whenever you save a file in Redcar – more info
  • Start Page Shows quick links to recent projects and common commands when opening a new Redcar window.
  • Miniview! Opens a miniature map of your document for quick navigation and/or the joy of looking at very tiny text

Writing plugins

Plugins should be written with the “plugin.rb” file in the root of the repo, that way it is easy to install them straight from Github by cloning the plugin repo into their ~/.redcar/plugins.

Typical installation is something like

cd ~/.redcar/plugins
git clone git://

See Dan’s blog for some posts that help with writing plugins. And of course the existing plugins and existing source are great examples.

You can also install the Redcar TextMate bundle for easy access to commonly-used plugin development snippets.

When you’ve written a plugin, send an email to the mailing list with a subject like: “[ANN] my great new plugin 0.1”, so we can all enjoy it!

Which plugins make it into Redcar core?

Plugins that satisfy the following conditions we will try to integrate into Redcar core:

  • They must work cross-platform.
  • They must not add native dependencies to Redcar.
  • They must be of general interest.


Gem dependencies

Currently you’ll want to vendor gem dependencies into your plugin itself.

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