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= Zerenity Changelog
== 1.3
* Added a color selection dialog
== 1.2
* Added the scale dialog, allowing the user to use a slider to choose a numerical value.
== 1.1
* From this version the OK button is set as the default widget. Pressing Enter
in a dialog will cause it to be fired. If you do not want your dialog to have
this behavior set the :activatesDefault option to false. Note that certain widgets
(List, FileSelection and TextInfo when :editable is set) do not allow this as Enter
could be used for other actions. Originally suggested by Justin Collins.
* Instead of passing a Gtk::VBox to the build and retrieve_selection methods, now
pass in the parent Gtk::Dialog.
== 1.0
* Added significant unit testing and code coverage testing.
== 0.9
* Added a :password option to the Entry dialog. When set to true it will
treat the text entry like a password entry and replaces the characters
entered with a '*'.
== 0.8
* Initial release.