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import sys
import os
import re
import subprocess
from os.path import join, dirname, abspath
from types import DictType, StringTypes
root_dir = dirname(File('SConstruct').rfile().abspath)
# prefer these tools to anything living in the system already.
sys.path.insert(0, join(root_dir, 'tools'))
import js2c
if ARGUMENTS.get('debug', 0):
node_exe ='node_g'
node_exe ='node'
def shellOut(target):
return subprocess.Popen(target, stdout=subprocess.PIPE).communicate()[0].strip()
def CheckForNodeJS(context):
context.Message('Checking for node.js ...')
result = shellOut(['which', node_exe]) != ''
return result
def CheckVersion(a,b):
from pkg_resources import parse_version as V
return V(a) >= V(b)
def GetLibXml2cflags():
minxml2version = '2.7.1'
if CheckVersion(shellOut(['xml2-config', '--version']), minxml2version):
return shellOut(['xml2-config', '--cflags'])
elif os.path.isfile('/opt/local/bin/xml2-config') and CheckVersion(shellOut(['/opt/local/bin/xml2-config', '--version']), minxml2versio$
return shellOut(['/opt/local/bin/xml2-config', '--cflags'])
print 'Your version of libxml2 is too old, exiting.'
using_node_js = (('libxmljs.node' in COMMAND_LINE_TARGETS) or ('test' in COMMAND_LINE_TARGETS))
libs = ['xml2']
libpath = [
#cflags = ' '.join([
# '-I/opt/local/include',
# '-I/opt/local/include/libxml2',
# '-I/usr/local/include',
# '-I/usr/include',
# '-I/usr/include/libxml2',
cflags = GetLibXml2cflags()
if using_node_js:
node_flags = shellOut([node_exe, '--vars'])
node_flags ='^NODE_CFLAGS:\s*(.*)$', node_flags, re.MULTILINE)
if node_flags:
cflags += ' ' +
testBuilder = Builder(action = 'node spec/tacular.js')
env = Environment(BUILDERS = {'Test' : testBuilder})
LIBPATH = libpath,
CCFLAGS = cflags
# explicitly link against node under cygwin
if env['PLATFORM'] == 'cygwin':
libs += ['node']
if not env.GetOption('clean'):
conf = Configure(env, custom_tests = {'CheckForNodeJS' : CheckForNodeJS})
print conf.CheckForNodeJS()
if not conf.CheckLib('xml2', header = '#include <libxml/parser.h>', language = 'c++'):
print 'Did not find libxml2, exiting!'
if not using_node_js and not conf.CheckLib('v8', header = '#include <v8.h>', language = 'c++'):
print 'Did not find libv8, exiting!'
if using_node_js and not conf.CheckForNodeJS():
print 'Did not find node.js exiting!'
env = conf.Finish()
# Build native js
js2c.JS2C(Glob('src/*.js'), ['src/natives.h'])
cc_sources = Glob('src/*.cc')
# Build libxmljs binary
libxmljs = env.Program(
target = 'libxmljs',
source = cc_sources,
CCFLAGS = cflags,
LIBS = libs,
LIBPATH = libpath
# Build libxmljs node plugin
if env['PLATFORM'] == 'darwin':
env.Append(LDMODULEFLAGS = ['-bundle_loader', shellOut(['which', 'node'])])
node = env.LoadableModule(
target = 'libxmljs.node',
source = cc_sources,
CCFLAGS = cflags,
LIBS = libs,
LIBPATH = libpath
# Run tests
tests = env.Test('test', 'libxmljs.node')
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