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2.1.0 / 2017-01-18

  • Keep optional media:content attributes in the enclosures default property

2.0.0 / 2016-12-26

  • Make bin script useful as command line tool and rename to "feedparser"
  • Add lint script and run lint before tests
  • Update README to clarify the importance of the compressed example
  • Drop support for Node 0.10 and 0.12
  • Fix xml declaration parsing to handle extra whitespace
  • Fix assignment by reference in options parsing
  • Remove unnecessary method
  • Replace bespoke helpers with lodash equivalents where possible
  • Move feedparser to lib
  • Move helpers lib
  • Remove weird comment
  • Update copyright
  • Update addressparser v1.0.1
  • Update dependecy readable-stream v2.2.2 and update tests to conform to api change
  • Update dev-dependency (iconv v2.2.1)
  • Update dev-dependency (mocha v3.2.0)
  • Add eslint/editorconfig and linting

1.1.5 / 2016-09-24

  • Handles line breaks in xml declaration.
  • Update README to remove suggestion to use IRC
  • Add Gitter badge
  • Update examples to work with current versions of request module

1.1.4 / 2015-10-24

  • Display nested objects.

1.1.3 / 2015-06-12

  • Prefer atom link elements with type=text/html

1.1.2 / 2015-06-02

  • Be more careful about assigning from atom:link elements

1.1.1 / 2015-05-28

  • Add license attribute

1.1.0 / 2015-05-21

  • Fix channel link selection when there is a mixture of rss and atom. Closes #142

1.0.1 / 2015-04-07

  • Fix category parsing to avoid null in results. Resolves #136

1.0.0 / 2015-02-26

  • Bump mocha devDependency to v2.1.x
  • Cleanup package.json
  • Update copyright year in README
  • Remove node v0.8 support
  • Merge pull request #134 from designfrontier/master
  • added a testing environment for node v0.12
  • removed resanitize as a dependency since the only thing in use was a 4 line function. Moved the function to utils

v0.19.2 / 2014-09-02

  • Change ispermalink value check to be case-insensitive. Closes #123.
  • Whoops. Remove debugging from example

v0.19.1 / 2014-07-31

  • Add compressed example
  • Refactor iconv example

v0.19.0 / 2014-07-30

  • Remove unnecessary code to trigger saxparser error. Apparently, calling the callback with an error will trigger an error anyway. Totally undocumented. So, this was actually calling double error emitting.
  • Manually trigger end when an exception is caught. We can't continue parsing after an exception is thrown. Also update test.
  • Use native try/catch. Other method is not a performance enhancement.
  • Wrap sax write and end methods in try/catch. Resolves #112 sax >= v0.6.0 can throw if a gzipped data stream containing certain characters gets written to the parser. This is a user error (to pipe gzipped data), but sometimes servers send gzipped data even when you've told them not to. So, we try to let the user handle this more gracefully.
  • Add failing test case for sax throwing

v0.18.1 / 2014-06-20

  • Don't assume el is not an array when defining attrs hash. Resolves #113
  • Add failing test for #113

v0.18.0 / 2014-06-18

  • Enforce de-duping on atom enclosures
  • Fix modification by reference defeating indexOf checking
  • Fix inverted index checking
  • Update test and fixture with tougher test case suggested by #111
  • Revert "test for different enclosure type"
  • test for different enclosure type

v0.17.0 / 2014-05-27

  • Improve tests
  • Use readable-stream instead of core stream; update dependencies.
  • Update README
  • Add permalink property for RSS feeds
  • Add nodeico badge
  • Remove unnecessary test server
  • Only colorize dump output if outputing to a terminal.
  • Fix small typo.

v0.16.6 / 2014-02-12

  • Update README to improve example code.
  • Fix error check in handleEnd method.
  • Remove unused dependency.
  • Add to namespaces and prettify.
  • Update iconv example to remove event-stream dependency.
  • Cleanup iconv example
  • Add gitignore
  • Merge branch 'kof-iconv'
  • Refactor iconv example to be more explicit.
  • Create a localhost server for example.
  • Refactor getParams method.
  • Move tips for url fetching to example script
  • Remove gitignore
  • complicated example using iconv and request

v0.16.5 / 2013-12-29

  • Workaround addressparser failing to parse strings ending with a colon. Closes #94.

v0.16.4 / 2013-12-26

  • Fix bad logic setting meta.image properties.
  • Fix TypeError in utils.reresolve failing to check for existence of parameter. Resolves #92.

v0.16.3 / 2013-10-27

  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'PaulMougel/master'
  • Updated readable side highWaterMark to be forward-compatible with node.
  • Improved stream watermark and buffering.
  • Reduced memory consumption.

v0.16.2 / 2013-10-08

  • Bump dependencies
  • Merge pull request #75 from jcrugzz/request-depend
  • [fix] remove unneeded dependency request
  • Update
  • Update example code

v0.16.1 / 2013-06-13

  • Update travis config
  • Only emit meta once. title is a required channel element, so a feed without it is broken, but emitting more than once is still a no-no. Closes #69
  • Bump version: v0.16.0
  • Update README
  • Remove legacy libxml-like helpers
  • Update dump script
  • Update examples
  • Update tests
  • Emit SAXErrors and allow consumer to handle or bail on SAXErrors
  • Update copyright notices
  • Merge branch 'AndreasMadsen-transform-stream'
  • Change stream test to not require additional dependency
  • make feedparser a transform stream

v0.16.0 / 2013-06-11

  • Update README
  • Remove legacy libxml-like helpers
  • Update dump script
  • Update examples
  • Update tests
  • Emit SAXErrors and allow consumer to handle or bail on SAXErrors
  • Update copyright notices
  • Merge branch 'AndreasMadsen-transform-stream'
  • Change stream test to not require additional dependency
  • make feedparser a transform stream

v0.15.8 / 2013-10-08

  • Fix package.json

v0.15.7 / 2013-09-26

  • Bump dependencies

v0.15.6 / 2013-09-24

  • Bump dependencies
  • Update travis config

v0.15.5 / 2013-06-13

  • Only emit meta once. title is a required channel element, so a feed without it is broken, but emitting more than once is still a no-no. Closes #69
  • Update copyright notices

v0.15.4 / 2013-06-04

  • Fix processing instruction handler to avoid interpretting extraneouso whitespace as attribute names.
  • Use item source for xmlurl, if absent. Closes #63
  • Add more xml:base fallbacks. Resolves #64
  • Merge branch 'unexpected-arrays'
  • Fix date parsing. Don't trust that the dates are not arrays.
  • Make tests run on v0.10. Closes #61.

v0.15.3 / 2013-05-05

  • Update README to point to contributors graph
  • Merge pull request #59 from AndreasMadsen/rss-category
  • do not seperate rss catgories by comma

v0.15.2 / 2013-04-16

  • Be more forgiving of poorly-formatted feeds. Closes #58

v0.15.1 / 2013-04-15

  • Fix for no Content-Type header

v0.15.0 / 2013-04-11

  • Tweak #content-type; add #xml to meta
  • Tweak stream api test
  • Fix missing scope
  • Linting
  • Fix typo in README code example
  • Update README to add link to Issues page and IRC

v0.14.0 / 2013-03-25

  • Update examples
  • Update README
  • Remove nextEmit. Only use nextTick on parseString (other methods don't need it).
  • Remove _setCallback and set the callback directly. Don't use nextTick.
  • Add basic test for writable stream input api
  • Add basic tests for callback and event apis
  • Implement naive v0.8-style Stream API
  • Fix README (incorrect stream pipe examples)
  • Merge pull request #52 from supahgreg/master
  • Correcting a typo in

v0.13.4 / 2013-03-15

  • Fix unsafe usage of 'in' when variable may be not an object. Closes #51.

v0.13.3 / 2013-03-14

  • Fix reresolve function to not assume that node property is a string. Closes #50.

v0.13.2 / 2013-02-21

  • Fix issue where namespaced elements with the same local part as a root element were being treated as having the save name, e.g., atom:link in an rss feed being part of the 'link' element.
  • Remove stray console.log from test

v0.13.1 / 2013-02-21

  • Deal with the astonishing fact that someone thinks a feed with 4 diffenet cloud/pubsubhubub elements is helpful. Resolves #49.

v0.13.0 / 2013-02-18

  • Remove old API. Update docs, examples and tests.
  • Fix .parseUrl url parameter processing. Throw early if no valid url is given. Also pass all options to request. Add tests. Closes #44 and #46.
  • Add url to error when possible. Change "Not a feed" error message because it's not always a remote server. Update tests. Closes #43."
  • Raise default sax.MAX_BUFFER_LENGTH to 16M and allow it to be set in options. Closes #38.
  • Strip HTML from meta.title, meta.description and item.title

v0.12.0 / 2013-02-12

  • Expose rssCloud/pubsubhubbub on property. Resolves #47.
  • Expose "has" util

v0.11.0 / 2013-02-03

  • Dedupe enclosures. Resolves #45.
  • Change test to be more lenient about which error code is returned as it seems to differ for no known reason
  • Drop support for node pre-v0.8.x
  • Refactor tests to not fetch remote URLs
  • Tell TravisCI to only run tests on master
  • Enable silencing the deprecation warnings

v0.10.13 / 2013-01-08

  • Bump sax version

v0.10.12 / 2012-12-31

  • Expose HTTP response on FeedParser instance

v0.10.11 / 2012-12-28

  • Update tests
  • Change HTTP Content-Type head checking to allow parsing valid feeds with incorrect Content-Type header. Add value of Content-Type header to meta.

v0.10.10 / 2012-12-28

  • Add example and test for passing request headers to .parseUrl()
  • Enable FeedParser.parseUrl to accept a Request object with headers
  • Update utils.merge() to be safer about relying on Object properties
  • Skip failing test that's not failing. Maybe the remote server changed something.
  • Cleanup 5f642af. Don't overwrite media:thumbnail array.
  • Increase test timeout. Fix incorrect test usage of deepEqual instead of strictEqual.
  • Merge pull request #41 from rborn/master
  • fix for multiple media:thumbnail
  • Add test for fetching uncompressed feed.

v.0.10.9 / 2012-12-03

  • Add "Accept-Encoding: identity" header on HTTP requests to only fetch uncompressed data. Resolves issue #36.
  • Merge pull request #37 from jchris/patch-1
  • make example work with new api

v0.10.8 / 2012-11-06

  • Ensure we only emit end once. Bump version.
  • Change FeedParser.parseStream so it doesn't try to attach to a stream that is not defined. A user could pass in a stream thinking it's valid, but the stream has been destroyed. Try not to throw.
  • Change FeedParser#handleError to not remove 'error' listeners on

v0.10.7 / 2012-11-01

  • Fix issue #34 .parseString() emitting too soon. All emit() and callback() are wrapped in process.nextTick(). Bump version.

v0.10.6 / 2012-10-27

  • Fix issue #33 uncaught exception trying to get the text string for an HTTP status code.

v0.10.5 / 2012-10-26

  • Bump version. Update README with additional dependency. Add
  • Fix issue #32 - parse RSS item:author. Enhance RSS authorish elements with parsed properties via addressparser.

v0.10.4 / 2012-10-25

  • Bump version
  • Fix major bug in parseString, parseFile, and parseStream -- failed to return the event emitter.
  • Refactor dump script to use new API
  • Fix dump script for API change

v0.10.3 / 2012-10-24

  • Bump version
  • Update documentation
  • Rename 'notModified' event to '304'
  • Add deprecation warnings to prototype methods. Reorganize .parseUrl and handleResponse.
  • Update tests for new static methods
  • Fix initialization of saxstream. Rename parser to feedparser. Add doc to parseString static.
  • Refactor options and init parsing. Refine error handling. Fix bug in handleSaxError. Add static methods for parseString, parseFile and parseStream.
  • Initial refactor of error handling
  • Reorganize some code
  • Rename FeedParser#_reset to FeedParser#init
  • Change module.exports to use an instance of FeedParser. Add non-prototype-based parseUrl.
  • πŸ’Ž Travis CI image/link in readme πŸ’Ž
  • πŸ’Ž Added travis.yml file πŸ’Ž

v0.10.2 / 2012-10-17

  • Add static callback methods
  • Move reresolve to utils
  • Update inline documentation of public api
  • Bump version
  • Refactor (part 2) to eliminate scope-passing (just moves things around in the class)
  • Refactor (part 1) to eliminate scope-passing

v0.10.1 / 2012-10-05

  • Bump version. Fix issue #25; add test. Add ability to pass "strict" boolean option to Sax.
  • Fix failing test

v0.10.0-beta / 2012-09-13

  • Mark package as beta version
  • Add more namespaces and sort sort-of alphabetically
  • Add brief description and usage info
  • Bump version
  • Add more namespaces
  • Handle namespaced elements that use nondefault namespace prefixes
  • Add more namespace-awareness tests
  • Add test for issue #23 (non-default namespaces)
  • Refactor to handle use of nondefault namespaces
  • Add Makefile to run tests
  • Add nsprefix function for getting the "default" prefix for a given namespace uri.
  • Add 'xml' to default namespaces lookup table.
  • Add nslookup function for checking whether a uri matches the default for a namespace.
  • Add default namespaces lookup table.
  • Add script to dump parsed feeds to console. Useful for debugging.