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Giving bad URL causes bad behavior #25

rogovdm opened this Issue · 1 comment

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with query = ""

var parser = new FeedParser().parseUrl(query, function (err, meta, art) {

we have:

TypeError: Cannot call method 'trim' of undefined
at /usr/home//data/www/**/node_modules/feedparser/main.js:101:60


Thanks for the report. That was actually just a plain ol' bug.

Note that because feedparser uses sax, and sax aspires to be a streaming HTML parser, an HTML document won't cause a parser error -- you just won't get any meta or articles.

Beginning with v0.10.1 (which contains the bug fix), you can pass {strict: true} to the feedparser constructor to turn on sax's strict mode, which will result in a parser error on HTML (but not on XHTML, I don't think).

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