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Not sure if you're going to be interested in this, but I found that dc:date wasnt getting parsed correctly for this feed: http://www.tabletitans.com/feed, and this patch fixes that. I wrote the oneliner in coffeescript, which is why its rather ugly.

date = utils.get(el) ? new Date(el[0]?['#']) ? new Date(el['#']) ? null

but it should be backwards compatible.


Thanks for the PR.

The existing date parsing is fine (pretty much). The actual problem is that that feed repeats the dc:date element for each item. That is completely illogical (although the Dublin Core spec fails to say whether you may or may not do that).

In any event, I'm going to close this issue/PR and open a new one to solve the problem more generally (handle unexpected arrays).

@danmactough danmactough reopened this Jun 4, 2013
@danmactough danmactough added a commit that closed this pull request Jun 4, 2013
@danmactough Merge branch 'unexpected-arrays'
Closes #65

@rbrcurtis FYI -- You were right. There was a bug.

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