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node-short, a url-shortener service based on node.js

node-short is a basic url shortener written in javascript for node.js, using some jquery front-end fun bits and mongodb for url storage. New URLs can be added via a form or via a basic API:

dawnrider:node-short sivy$ curl --data "url=" localhost:3000/make

We track hits (total hitcount as well as referrer and hit time) for each short URL. This information is available in both HTML and JSON formats.

This is a learning project, but I think that eventually it will be something you can add to an existing service and have it be useful.


  • expressjs (and Connect)
  • Djangode (included)
  • node-mongodb-native
  • log4js


  • formalize the API
  • refactor some parts of the app
  • collect more interesting stats
  • google charts for stats
  • add a widget for "recently added urls"
  • design. oh my god, the plain HTML.