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Sublime Text 2 MarkDown preview

A simple ST2 plugin to help you preview your markdown files.

Preview the current md file in your web browser.

If you have the ST2 LivReload plugin, your browser will autorefresh the display once you save your file :)

Installation :

  • you should use sublime package manager
  • use cmd+shift+P then Package Control: Install Package
  • look for MarkdownPreview and install it.

Usage :

  • use cmd+shift+P then MarkdownPreview to launch a preview
  • or bind some key in your user key binding, using a line like this one: { "keys": ["alt+m"], "command": "markdown_preview", "args": {"target": "browser"} },
  • once converted a first time, the output HTML will be updated on each file save (with LiveReload plugin)

Uses :

The code is available at github

Licence MIT :