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using System;
namespace TinyNH.DemoStore.Core.Domain
public abstract class Entity
protected Entity()
Id = Guid.Empty;
public virtual Guid Id { get; protected set; }
#region Equals / hashcode
public override bool Equals(object obj)
var other = obj as Entity;
// Other is null or not an Entity
if (ReferenceEquals(null, other))
return false;
// Same object reference
if (ReferenceEquals(this, other))
return true;
// Other must be same type
if (GetTypeUnproxied() != other.GetTypeUnproxied())
return false;
// Different unsaved entities can't be equal
if (Equals(Guid.Empty, this.Id) && Equals(Guid.Empty, other.Id))
return false;
return Equals(this.Id, other.Id);
public override int GetHashCode()
if (Id == Guid.Empty)
// New entity that has not been assigned an id, use base
// implementation
return base.GetHashCode();
return (Id.GetHashCode() * 397) ^ GetTypeUnproxied().GetHashCode();
/// <summary>
/// Gets the current type, or the type being proxied if this is
/// an NHibernate generated proxy. NHibernate proxy classes shadow
/// the GetType() method which returns the type being proxied:
/// Calling this.GetTypeUnproxied() is not necessary, as a proxy
/// instance would use its own GetType implementation and return
/// the correct type. However, all calls to GetType()
/// are directed through this method to support unit tests
/// </summary>
/// <returns></returns>
protected virtual Type GetTypeUnproxied()
return GetType();