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@echo off
REM A simple script to build different cppcheck targets from project root
REM folder. This script can be run from VS prompt or Qt prompt.
REM Usage: build <target> [release|debug]
REM where <target> is any of cppcheck/gui/tests/all
REM release or debug is the configuration
REM all-target builds both cppcheck and gui.
REM - run tests too
if "%1" == "" goto help
REM QT prompt sets QMAKESPEC
if NOT "%QMAKESPEC%" == "" (
set MAKE=mingw32-make
) else (
set MAKE=nmake
if "%2" == "" set TARGET=release
if "%2" == "release" set TARGET=release
if "%2" == "debug" set TARGET=debug
if "%1" == "cppcheck" goto cppcheck
if "%1" == "gui" goto gui
if "%1" == "tests" goto tests
if "%1" == "all" goto cppcheck
goto help
cd cli
qmake -config %TARGET%
cd ..
if "%1" == "all" goto gui
goto end
cd gui
qmake -config %TARGET%
cd ..
goto end
cd test
qmake -config %TARGET%
cd ..
goto end
echo "Syntax: build <target> [debug|release]"
echo " where <target> is any of cppcheck/gui/tests/all"
echo " debug or release define used configuration"
echo " all- target builds both cppcheck and gui.
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