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Project files
cppcheck GUI handles per-project settings in project files instead of global
program settings. This allows customizing cppcheck for each project's needs.
The project file is simple XML file easy to edit with your favourite editor
program. The format is:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<project version="1">
<root name="c:/projects/cppcheck/" />
<dir name="lib/" />
<dir name="lib/" />
<dir name="c:/projects/framework/" />
<dir name="c:/Program Files/Visual Studio 8/VC/include/" />
<define name="__cplusplus" />
<define name="_MSC_VER=1400" />
<define name="_WIN32" />
<path name="gui/temp/" />
- optional root element defines the root directory for the project. All
relative paths are considered to be relative to this path. If the root
element is missing or it contains "." as value then the project file's
location is considered to be the root path.
- paths element contains a list of checked paths. The paths can be relative or
absolute paths.
- indludedir element contains a list of additional include paths. These
include paths are used when finding local include files ("#include "file.h")
for source files. The paths can be relative or absolute paths. It is highly
recommended that relative paths are used for paths inside the project root
folder for better portability.
- defines element contains a list of C/C++ preprocessor defines.
- exclude element contains list of paths to exclude from the check. The path
can be a directory (must end with path separator) or a file.
For real life examples see the cppcheck.cppcheck-file in the Cppcheck sources
root-directory or gui.cppcheck file in gui-directory.
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