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PCRE is a library that is used by the optional "rules" feature. (It adds
some additional features to the command line client.) It's readily available
on Linux and Mac OS X, but must be obtained separately for Windows.
If you're using qmake to generate makefiles, the following behavior applies:
- If you're not on Windows, it assumes by default that you have PCRE and want
to enable rules support.
- If you're not on Windows, you can disable rules support (removing the PCRE
dependency) by passing HAVE_RULES=no to qmake.
- If you are on Windows, but have PCRE available, you can enable rules support
by passing HAVE_RULES=yes to qmake.
- Note: This includes using build.bat since it calls qmake - to use PCRE and
build.bat, you need to run set HAVE_RULES=yes before each run of build.bat
Some temporary build instructions. This is work in progress.
Visual Studio
To build pcre I downloaded the sourcecode from I downloaded cmake 2.8.
Then I built the lib with:
cmake .
The resulting files can be downloaded here (please try if it works):
MINGW (Qt 4.7 SDK)
I downloaded from here:
The normal Makefile should work
Install pcre on ubuntu might be needed:
sudo apt-get install libpcre3 libpcre3-dev
Install pcre:
sudo port install pcre
Ensure /path/to/pcre.h is in CXXFLAGS, e.g:
export CXXFLAGS=${CXXFLAGS}:/opt/local/include
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