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The original name of this program is "C++check" but it was later changed to "cppcheck".
A manual is available online:
Any C++ compiler should work.
To build the GUI, you need Qt.
When building the command line tool, PCRE is normally used.
PCRE is optional.
There are multiple compilation choices:
* qmake - cross platform build tool
* Windows: Visual Studio
* Windows: Qt Creator + mingw
* gnu make
* g++
You can use the gui/ file to build the GUI.
cd gui
Visual Studio
Use the cppcheck.sln file. The rules are normally enabled.
To compile with rules (pcre dependency):
* the pcre dll is needed. it can be downloaded from:
To compile without rules (no dependencies):
* remove the preprocessor define HAVE_RULES from the project
* remove the pcre.lib from the project
Qt Creator + mingw
The PCRE dll is needed to build the CLI. It can be downloaded here:
gnu make
To build Cppcheck with rules (pcre dependency):
make HAVE_RULES=yes
To build Cppcheck without rules (no dependencies):
If you have python it is recommended that you add "SRCDIR=build". When
that is used, the Makefile uses python to compile Cppcheck (but python
is not used at runtime). The advantage is that it makes Cppcheck faster.
g++ (for experts)
If you just want to build Cppcheck without dependencies then you can use this command:
g++ -o cppcheck -Ilib cli/*.cpp lib/*.cpp
If you want to use --rule and --rule-file then dependencies are needed:
g++ -o cppcheck -lpcre -DHAVE_RULES -Ilib -Iexternals cli/*.cpp lib/*.cpp externals/tinyxml/*.cpp
The "LDFLAGS=-lshlwapi" is needed when building with mingw
mingw32-make LDFLAGS=-lshlwapi
Cross compiling Win32 (CLI) version of Cppcheck in Linux
sudo apt-get install mingw32
make CXX=i586-mingw32msvc-g++ LDFLAGS="-lshlwapi"
mv cppcheck cppcheck.exe
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