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# The version check in this script is used to avoid commit battles
# between different developers that use different astyle versions as
# different versions might have different output (this has happened in
# the past).
# If project management wishes to take a newer astyle version into use
# just change this string to match the start of astyle version string.
ASTYLE_VERSION="Artistic Style Version 2."
if [[ "`astyle --version 2>&1`" != ${ASTYLE_VERSION}* ]]; then
echo "You should use: ${ASTYLE_VERSION}";
exit 1;
style="--style=stroustrup --indent=spaces=4 --indent-namespaces --lineend=linux --min-conditional-indent=0"
options="--pad-header --unpad-paren --suffix=none --convert-tabs"
astyle $style $options cli/*.cpp
astyle $style $options cli/*.h
astyle $style $options gui/*.cpp
astyle $style $options gui/*.h
astyle $style $options -r gui/test/*.cpp
astyle $style $options -r gui/test/*.h
astyle $style $options lib/*.cpp
astyle $style $options lib/*.h
astyle $style $options test/*.cpp
astyle $style $options test/*.h
astyle $style $options tools/*.cpp
astyle $style $options --recursive "samples/*.c"
astyle $style $options --recursive "samples/*.cpp"
# Convert tabs to spaces.. even in strings
# sed -i "s/\t/ /g" test/test*.cpp
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