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* Cppcheck - A tool for static C/C++ code analysis
* Copyright (C) 2007-2015 Daniel Marjamäki and Cppcheck team.
* This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program. If not, see <>.
#ifndef checkotherH
#define checkotherH
#include "config.h"
#include "check.h"
class Function;
class Variable;
/** Is expressions same? */
bool isSameExpression(const Token *tok1, const Token *tok2, const std::set<std::string> &constFunctions);
/** Is expression of floating point type? */
bool astIsFloat(const Token *tok, bool unknown);
/// @addtogroup Checks
/// @{
/** @brief Various small checks */
class CPPCHECKLIB CheckOther : public Check {
/** @brief This constructor is used when registering the CheckClass */
CheckOther() : Check(myName()) {
/** @brief This constructor is used when running checks. */
CheckOther(const Tokenizer *tokenizer, const Settings *settings, ErrorLogger *errorLogger)
: Check(myName(), tokenizer, settings, errorLogger) {
/** @brief Run checks against the normal token list */
void runChecks(const Tokenizer *tokenizer, const Settings *settings, ErrorLogger *errorLogger) {
CheckOther checkOther(tokenizer, settings, errorLogger);
// Checks
checkOther.checkSignOfUnsignedVariable(); // don't ignore casts (#3574)
// --check-library : functions with nonmatching configuration
/** @brief Run checks against the simplified token list */
void runSimplifiedChecks(const Tokenizer *tokenizer, const Settings *settings, ErrorLogger *errorLogger) {
CheckOther checkOther(tokenizer, settings, errorLogger);
// Checks
/** @brief Clarify calculation for ".. a * b ? .." */
void clarifyCalculation();
/** @brief Suspicious statement like '*A++;' */
void clarifyStatement();
/** @brief Are there C-style pointer casts in a c++ file? */
void warningOldStylePointerCast();
/** @brief Check for pointer casts to a type with an incompatible binary data representation */
void invalidPointerCast();
* @brief Invalid function usage (invalid input value / overlapping data)
* %Check that given function parameters are valid according to the standard
* - wrong radix given for strtol/strtoul
* - overlapping data when using sprintf/snprintf
* - wrong input value according to library
void invalidFunctionUsage();
/** @brief %Check scope of variables */
void checkVariableScope();
static bool checkInnerScope(const Token *tok, const Variable* var, bool& used);
/** @brief %Check for comma separated statements in return */
void checkCommaSeparatedReturn();
/** @brief %Check for constant function parameter */
void checkConstantFunctionParameter();
/** @brief Using char variable as array index / as operand in bit operation */
void checkCharVariable();
/** @brief Incomplete statement. A statement that only contains a constant or variable */
void checkIncompleteStatement();
/** @brief %Check zero division*/
void checkZeroDivision();
/** @brief %Check zero division / useless condition */
void checkZeroDivisionOrUselessCondition();
/** @brief Check for NaN (not-a-number) in an arithmetic expression */
void checkNanInArithmeticExpression();
/** @brief %Check for parameters given to math function that do not make sense*/
void checkMathFunctions();
/** @brief copying to memory or assigning to a variable twice */
void checkRedundantAssignment();
/** @brief %Check for assigning to the same variable twice in a switch statement*/
void checkRedundantAssignmentInSwitch();
/** @brief %Check for code like 'case A||B:'*/
void checkSuspiciousCaseInSwitch();
/** @brief %Check for code like 'case A||B:'*/
void checkSuspiciousEqualityComparison();
/** @brief %Check for switch case fall through without comment */
void checkSwitchCaseFallThrough();
/** @brief %Check for objects that are destroyed immediately */
void checkMisusedScopedObject();
/** @brief %Check for filling zero bytes with memset() */
void checkMemsetZeroBytes();
/** @brief %Check for invalid 2nd parameter of memset() */
void checkMemsetInvalid2ndParam();
/** @brief %Check for suspicious code where multiple if have the same expression (e.g "if (a) { } else if (a) { }") */
void checkDuplicateIf();
/** @brief %Check for suspicious code where if and else branch are the same (e.g "if (a) b = true; else b = true;") */
void checkDuplicateBranch();
/** @brief %Check for suspicious code with the same expression on both sides of operator (e.g "if (a && a)") */
void checkDuplicateExpression();
/** @brief %Check for code that gets never executed, such as duplicate break statements */
void checkUnreachableCode();
/** @brief %Check for testing sign of unsigned variable */
void checkSignOfUnsignedVariable();
/** @brief %Check for suspicious use of semicolon */
void checkSuspiciousSemicolon();
/** @brief %Check for free() operations on invalid memory locations */
void checkInvalidFree();
void invalidFreeError(const Token *tok, bool inconclusive);
/** @brief %Check for code creating redundant copies */
void checkRedundantCopy();
/** @brief %Check for bitwise shift with negative right operand */
void checkNegativeBitwiseShift();
/** @brief %Check for buffers that are filled incompletely with memset and similar functions */
void checkIncompleteArrayFill();
/** @brief %Check that variadic function calls don't use NULL. If NULL is \#defined as 0 and the function expects a pointer, the behaviour is undefined. */
void checkVarFuncNullUB();
/** @brief %Check that calling the POSIX pipe() system call is called with an integer array of size two. */
void checkPipeParameterSize();
/** @brief %Check to avoid casting a return value to unsigned char and then back to integer type. */
void checkCastIntToCharAndBack();
/** @brief %Check for using of comparison functions evaluating always to true or false. */
void checkComparisonFunctionIsAlwaysTrueOrFalse();
/** @brief %Check for ignored return values. */
void checkIgnoredReturnValue();
/** @brief %Check for redundant pointer operations */
void checkRedundantPointerOp();
/** @brief --check-library: warn for unconfigured function calls */
void checkLibraryMatchFunctions();
// Error messages..
void checkComparisonFunctionIsAlwaysTrueOrFalseError(const Token* tok, const std::string &strFunctionName, const std::string &varName, const bool result);
void checkCastIntToCharAndBackError(const Token *tok, const std::string &strFunctionName);
void checkPipeParameterSizeError(const Token *tok, const std::string &strVarName, const std::string &strDim);
void clarifyCalculationError(const Token *tok, const std::string &op);
void clarifyStatementError(const Token* tok);
void redundantGetAndSetUserIdError(const Token *tok);
void cstyleCastError(const Token *tok);
void invalidPointerCastError(const Token* tok, const std::string& from, const std::string& to, bool inconclusive);
void invalidFunctionArgError(const Token *tok, const std::string &functionName, int argnr, const std::string &validstr);
void invalidFunctionArgBoolError(const Token *tok, const std::string &functionName, int argnr);
void passedByValueError(const Token *tok, const std::string &parname);
void constStatementError(const Token *tok, const std::string &type);
void charArrayIndexError(const Token *tok);
void charBitOpError(const Token *tok);
void variableScopeError(const Token *tok, const std::string &varname);
void zerodivError(const Token *tok, bool inconclusive);
void zerodivcondError(const Token *tokcond, const Token *tokdiv, bool inconclusive);
void nanInArithmeticExpressionError(const Token *tok);
void mathfunctionCallWarning(const Token *tok, const unsigned int numParam = 1);
void mathfunctionCallWarning(const Token *tok, const std::string& oldexp, const std::string& newexp);
void redundantAssignmentError(const Token *tok1, const Token* tok2, const std::string& var, bool inconclusive);
void redundantAssignmentInSwitchError(const Token *tok1, const Token *tok2, const std::string &var);
void redundantCopyError(const Token *tok1, const Token* tok2, const std::string& var);
void redundantCopyInSwitchError(const Token *tok1, const Token* tok2, const std::string &var);
void redundantBitwiseOperationInSwitchError(const Token *tok, const std::string &varname);
void switchCaseFallThrough(const Token *tok);
void suspiciousCaseInSwitchError(const Token* tok, const std::string& operatorString);
void suspiciousEqualityComparisonError(const Token* tok);
void selfAssignmentError(const Token *tok, const std::string &varname);
void misusedScopeObjectError(const Token *tok, const std::string &varname);
void memsetZeroBytesError(const Token *tok, const std::string &varname);
void memsetFloatError(const Token *tok, const std::string &var_value);
void memsetValueOutOfRangeError(const Token *tok, const std::string &value);
void duplicateIfError(const Token *tok1, const Token *tok2);
void duplicateBranchError(const Token *tok1, const Token *tok2);
void duplicateExpressionError(const Token *tok1, const Token *tok2, const std::string &op);
void duplicateExpressionTernaryError(const Token *tok);
void alwaysTrueFalseStringCompareError(const Token *tok, const std::string& str1, const std::string& str2);
void alwaysTrueStringVariableCompareError(const Token *tok, const std::string& str1, const std::string& str2);
void duplicateBreakError(const Token *tok, bool inconclusive);
void unreachableCodeError(const Token* tok, bool inconclusive);
void unsignedLessThanZeroError(const Token *tok, const std::string &varname, bool inconclusive);
void pointerLessThanZeroError(const Token *tok, bool inconclusive);
void unsignedPositiveError(const Token *tok, const std::string &varname, bool inconclusive);
void pointerPositiveError(const Token *tok, bool inconclusive);
void SuspiciousSemicolonError(const Token *tok);
void negativeBitwiseShiftError(const Token *tok);
void redundantCopyError(const Token *tok, const std::string &varname);
void incompleteArrayFillError(const Token* tok, const std::string& buffer, const std::string& function, bool boolean);
void varFuncNullUBError(const Token *tok);
void commaSeparatedReturnError(const Token *tok);
void ignoredReturnValueError(const Token* tok, const std::string& function);
void redundantPointerOpError(const Token* tok, const std::string& varname, bool inconclusive);
void getErrorMessages(ErrorLogger *errorLogger, const Settings *settings) const {
CheckOther c(0, settings, errorLogger);
// error
c.invalidFunctionArgError(0, "func_name", 1, "1-4");
c.invalidFunctionArgBoolError(0, "func_name", 1);
c.zerodivError(0, false);
c.misusedScopeObjectError(NULL, "varname");
c.invalidPointerCastError(0, "float", "double", false);
c.checkPipeParameterSizeError(0, "varname", "dimension");
c.redundantCopyError(0, "varname");
c.redundantCopyError(0, 0, "var");
c.redundantAssignmentError(0, 0, "var", false);
// style/warning
c.passedByValueError(0, "parametername");
c.constStatementError(0, "type");
c.variableScopeError(0, "varname");
c.redundantAssignmentInSwitchError(0, 0, "var");
c.redundantCopyInSwitchError(0, 0, "var");
c.suspiciousCaseInSwitchError(0, "||");
c.selfAssignmentError(0, "varname");
c.mathfunctionCallWarning(0, "1 - erf(x)", "erfc(x)");
c.memsetZeroBytesError(0, "varname");
c.memsetFloatError(0, "varname");
c.memsetValueOutOfRangeError(0, "varname");
c.clarifyCalculationError(0, "+");
c.duplicateBranchError(0, 0);
c.duplicateExpressionError(0, 0, "&&");
c.duplicateBreakError(0, false);
c.unreachableCodeError(0, false);
c.unsignedLessThanZeroError(0, "varname", false);
c.unsignedPositiveError(0, "varname", false);
c.pointerLessThanZeroError(0, false);
c.pointerPositiveError(0, false);
c.incompleteArrayFillError(0, "buffer", "memset", false);
c.ignoredReturnValueError(0, "malloc");
c.redundantPointerOpError(0, "varname", false);
static std::string myName() {
return "Other";
std::string classInfo() const {
return "Other checks\n"
// error
"- division with zero\n"
"- scoped object destroyed immediately after construction\n"
"- assignment in an assert statement\n"
"- free() or delete of an invalid memory location\n"
"- bitwise operation with negative right operand\n"
"- provide wrong dimensioned array to pipe() system command (--std=posix)\n"
"- cast the return values of getc(),fgetc() and getchar() to character and compare it to EOF\n"
"- invalid input values for functions\n"
// warning
"- either division by zero or useless condition\n"
"- memset() with a value out of range as the 2nd parameter\n"
"- return value of certain functions not used\n"
// performance
"- redundant data copying for const variable\n"
"- subsequent assignment or copying to a variable or buffer\n"
// portability
"- memset() with a float as the 2nd parameter\n"
"- Passing NULL pointer to function with variable number of arguments leads to UB.\n"
// style
"- C-style pointer cast in C++ code\n"
"- casting between incompatible pointer types\n"
"- passing parameter by value\n"
"- [Incomplete statement](IncompleteStatement)\n"
"- [check how signed char variables are used](CharVar)\n"
"- variable scope can be limited\n"
"- unusual pointer arithmetic. For example: \"abc\" + 'd'\n"
"- redundant assignment, increment, or bitwise operation in a switch statement\n"
"- redundant strcpy in a switch statement\n"
"- Suspicious case labels in switch()\n"
"- assignment of a variable to itself\n"
"- Comparison of values leading always to true or false\n"
"- Clarify calculation with parentheses\n"
"- suspicious comparison of '\\0' with a char* variable\n"
"- duplicate break statement\n"
"- unreachable code\n"
"- testing if unsigned variable is negative/positive\n"
"- Suspicious use of ; at the end of 'if/for/while' statement.\n"
"- Array filled incompletely using memset/memcpy/memmove.\n"
"- redundant get and set function of user id (--std=posix).\n"
"- NaN (not a number) value used in arithmetic expression.\n"
"- comma in return statement (the comma can easily be misread as a semicolon).\n"
"- prefer erfc, expm1 or log1p to avoid loss of precision.\n"
"- identical code in both branches of if/else or ternary operator.\n"
"- redundant pointer operation on pointer like &*some_ptr.\n";
/// @}
#endif // checkotherH
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