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The Wix Installer for Windows
cppcheck Windows installer is created with WiX:
You'll need:
- WiX
- MSBuild (coming with Visual Studio)
- VS 2015 CRT merge module
Installer configuration is done in file config.wxi. Depending how you build
cppcheck you may need to alter the paths for binaries.
Product version and other info
Version number and product name are set in file productInfo.wxi.
Building installer
Before building the installer make sure all the components are build:
- LIB dynamic link library (cppcheck-core.dll)
- CLI executable (cppcheck.exe)
- GUI executable (cppcheck-gui.exe)
- GUI translations (*.qm) - generated by the Qt's lrelease tool
And that runtime files are available:
- Qt runtimes:
Qt5Core.dll, Qt5PrintSupport.dll, Qt5Widgets.dll, Qt5Gui.dll and platforms/qwindows.dll
- MS CRT merge module (Microsoft_VC140_CRT_x86.msm or Microsoft_VC140_CRT_x64.msm)
Build installer by giving this command line in VS command prompt (or run
vcvars32.bat in DOS prompt first to setup environment):
> msbuild cppcheck.wixproj /p:Platform=x86,ProductVersion=X.YY
For example:
> msbuild cppcheck.wixproj /p:Platform=x86,ProductVersion=1.40
Installer is created to Build -folder.