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runastyle: Ignore user's default options file

If we pass --options=none to astyle, it ignores the user's
default options file, and only uses the command line parameters.
This way, if the user has a default options file, it won't conflict
with the style set by the script.
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crumblingstatue committed Jan 16, 2014
1 parent adc8713 commit 10415df93e9edd7ae32bcb62a6fb18371bfb10c7
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@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ if [[ "`astyle --version 2>&1`" != ${ASTYLE_VERSION}* ]]; then
style="--style=stroustrup --indent=spaces=4 --indent-namespaces --lineend=linux --min-conditional-indent=0"
-options="--pad-header --unpad-paren --suffix=none --convert-tabs"
+options="--options=none --pad-header --unpad-paren --suffix=none --convert-tabs"
astyle $style $options cli/*.cpp
astyle $style $options cli/*.h

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