Remove reflection from the markup block in library code. #240

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sam-truscott commented Feb 13, 2014

Make the reflection source-code based.

Previously the reflection was applied to markup languages but reflection is part of the Qt C++ spec and not markup so that reflection block should be removed from markup and made generic.

Sam Truscott and others added some commits Oct 23, 2013


danmar commented Feb 14, 2014

Can you cleanup this pull request. So it only contains 1 commit. You could rebase your branch or something.


sam-truscott commented Feb 14, 2014

I've not done a rebase but I'll give it a go!


sam-truscott commented Feb 14, 2014

In short, no, it's taking too long. If you insist I can just delete; patch and re-create the Pull request?


scriptum commented Feb 14, 2014

Try something like:

git reset --soft <first commit> git commit "one big commit" git push --force

git push --force will remove all your commits for remote repo and forces it to match exactly your local repo. Of course I recommend to make backup of local repo:)


danmar commented Mar 3, 2014

I close this. Feel free to reopen or open a new pull request when you are ready.

danmar closed this Mar 3, 2014

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