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// Require both the backup and restore libs
require_once($CFG->dirroot . '/backup/util/includes/backup_includes.php');
require_once($CFG->dirroot . '/backup/moodle2/backup_plan_builder.class.php');
require_once($CFG->dirroot . '/backup/util/includes/restore_includes.php');
require_once($CFG->dirroot . '/backup/util/ui/import_extensions.php');
// The courseid we are importing to
$courseid = required_param('id', PARAM_INT);
// The id of the course we are importing FROM (will only be set if past first stage
$importcourseid = optional_param('importid', false, PARAM_INT);
// The target method for the restore (adding or deleting)
$restoretarget = optional_param('target', backup::TARGET_CURRENT_ADDING, PARAM_INT);
// Load the course and context
$course = $DB->get_record('course', array('id'=>$courseid), '*', MUST_EXIST);
$context = context_course::instance($courseid);
// Must pass login
// Must hold restoretargetimport in the current course
require_capability('moodle/restore:restoretargetimport', $context);
$heading = get_string('import');
// Set up the page
$PAGE->set_url(new moodle_url('/backup/import.php', array('id'=>$courseid)));
// Prepare the backup renderer
$renderer = $PAGE->get_renderer('core','backup');
// Check if we already have a import course id
if ($importcourseid === false) {
// Obviously not... show the selector so one can be chosen
$url = new moodle_url('/backup/import.php', array('id'=>$courseid));
$search = new import_course_search(array('url'=>$url));
// show the course selector
echo $OUTPUT->header();
echo $renderer->import_course_selector($url, $search);
echo $OUTPUT->footer();
// Load the course +context to import from
$importcourse = $DB->get_record('course', array('id'=>$importcourseid), '*', MUST_EXIST);
$importcontext = context_course::instance($importcourseid);
// Make sure the user can backup from that course
require_capability('moodle/backup:backuptargetimport', $importcontext);
// Attempt to load the existing backup controller (backupid will be false if there isn't one)
$backupid = optional_param('backup', false, PARAM_ALPHANUM);
if (!($bc = backup_ui::load_controller($backupid))) {
$bc = new backup_controller(backup::TYPE_1COURSE, $importcourse->id, backup::FORMAT_MOODLE,
backup::INTERACTIVE_YES, backup::MODE_IMPORT, $USER->id);
$settings = $bc->get_plan()->get_settings();
// For the initial stage we want to hide all locked settings and if there are
// no visible settings move to the next stage
$visiblesettings = false;
foreach ($settings as $setting) {
if ($setting->get_status() !== backup_setting::NOT_LOCKED) {
} else {
$visiblesettings = true;
// Prepare the import UI
$backup = new import_ui($bc, array('importid'=>$importcourse->id, 'target'=>$restoretarget));
// Process the current stage
// If this is the confirmation stage remove the filename setting
if ($backup->get_stage() == backup_ui::STAGE_CONFIRMATION) {
// If it's the final stage process the import
if ($backup->get_stage() == backup_ui::STAGE_FINAL) {
// First execute the backup
// Check whether the backup directory still exists. If missing, something
// went really wrong in backup, throw error. Note that backup::MODE_IMPORT
// backups don't store resulting files ever
$tempdestination = $CFG->tempdir . '/backup/' . $backupid;
if (!file_exists($tempdestination) || !is_dir($tempdestination)) {
print_error('unknownbackupexporterror'); // shouldn't happen ever
// Prepare the restore controller. We don't need a UI here as we will just use what
// ever the restore has (the user has just chosen).
$rc = new restore_controller($backupid, $course->id, backup::INTERACTIVE_YES, backup::MODE_IMPORT, $USER->id, $restoretarget);
// Convert the backup if required.... it should NEVER happed
if ($rc->get_status() == backup::STATUS_REQUIRE_CONV) {
// Mark the UI finished.
// Execute prechecks
if (!$rc->execute_precheck()) {
$precheckresults = $rc->get_precheck_results();
if (is_array($precheckresults) && !empty($precheckresults['errors'])) {
echo $OUTPUT->header();
echo $renderer->precheck_notices($precheckresults);
echo $OUTPUT->continue_button(new moodle_url('/course/view.php', array('id'=>$course->id)));
echo $OUTPUT->footer();
} else {
if ($restoretarget == backup::TARGET_CURRENT_DELETING || $restoretarget == backup::TARGET_EXISTING_DELETING) {
// Execute the restore
// Delete the temp directory now
// Display a notification and a continue button
echo $OUTPUT->header();
echo $OUTPUT->notification(get_string('importsuccess', 'backup'),'notifysuccess');
echo $OUTPUT->continue_button(new moodle_url('/course/view.php', array('id'=>$course->id)));
echo $OUTPUT->footer();
} else {
// Otherwise save the controller and progress
// Adjust the page for the stage
$PAGE->set_title($heading.': '.$backup->get_stage_name());
$PAGE->set_heading($heading.': '.$backup->get_stage_name());
// Display the current stage
echo $OUTPUT->header();
if ($backup->enforce_changed_dependencies()) {
echo $renderer->dependency_notification(get_string('dependenciesenforced','backup'));
echo $renderer->progress_bar($backup->get_progress_bar());
echo $backup->display($renderer);
echo $OUTPUT->footer();
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