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PHPUnit testing support in Moodle



  1. install PEAR package manager - see PEAR Manual
  2. install PHPUnit package and phpunit/DbUnit extension - see PHPUnit installation documentation
  3. edit main config.php - add $CFG->phpunit_prefix and $CFG->phpunit_dataroot - see config-dist.php
  4. execute php admin/tool/phpunit/cli/init.php to initialise the test environemnt, repeat it after every upgrade or installation of plugins

Test execution

  • execute phpunit from dirroot directory
  • you can execute a single test case class using class name followed by path to test file phpunit core_phpunit_basic_testcase lib/tests/phpunit_test.php
  • it is also possible to create custom configuration files in xml format and use phpunit -c mytestsuites.xml

How to add more tests?

  1. create tests directory in your plugin
  2. add local/mytest/tests/my_test.php file with local_my_testcase class that extends basic_testcase or advanced_testcase
  3. add some test_*() methods
  4. execute your new test case phpunit local_my_testcase local/mytest/tests/my_test.php
  5. execute php admin/tool/phpunit/cli/init.php to get the plugin tests included in main phpunit.xml configuration file

How to convert existing tests?

  1. create new test file in xxx/tests/yyy_test.php
  2. copy contents of the old test file
  3. replace extends UnitTestCase with extends basic_testcase
  4. fix setUp(), tearDown(), asserts, etc.
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