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A Ruby-Processing example that makes snow for Xmas
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#A small Ruby-Processing example merged together by Dan Mayer

What is it?

Where did this code come from?
I merged and modified two projects... 
The excellent, Slides, Code, and PDF from "Art of Code"
A great example of Penrose Snowflake L-Systems using ruby-processing

What did you do?
I basically wanted to drawn randomly sized snowflakes of random complexity until the whole screen turned white. So taking the snowflake example that drew a single snowflake and modifying it to draw N snowflakes. I used code from the Art of Code presentation because it had nice loops, methods for screen capture, and a simple way to let the mouse restart the action.

Cool I want to make my own... Fork this project and play around or check out the Ruby-Processing getting started guide

How do I make this example work?
* sudo gem install ruby-processing
* rp5 run snow.rb
* Controls
  * Press 's' to take a screenshot
  * Click your mouse to clear the screen and start over
  * Press Escape to quit

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