A markdown powered resume project. Ruby Resume, aims to make publishing a resume in multiple formats as easy as possible.
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This started as just a simple place to store a markdown format of my resume, and now it's turned into an easy way to host your resume using sinatra and Heroku (updated to run on cedar-stack).

It was then extended as a way to server your resume in multiple formats (LaTex, MarkDown, HTML, and soon PDF). It also became a way to easily update and manager your github user page (user.github.com). Since this is powered by MarkDown it also integrates well with GitHubs jobs search (http://github.com/blog/553-looking-for-a-job-let-github-help).

Lastly, it packages up your resume and info into an installable Rubygem. This was just a clever idea I saw suggested by Eric Davis and figured it would be cool to implement (http://groups.google.com/group/rails-business/msg/68cf8a890c0d4fc8?pli=1). This focuses on making it as simple and easy to update and publish your resume as possible, while offering it in a variety of formats.

Currently it is best to fork the project and override a few of the data files to customize the project for yourself. At the moment you need to override data/resume.yml and data/resume.md in the root directory with your own info.

Contributions and ideas for the resume app are welcome, anything that makes the process simpler would be encouraged.


  • Nathaniel "Nat" Welch (icco)
  • Dan Mayer (danmayer)


Basic resume in multiple formats on Heroku

  1. Fork this project
  2. Install the gems (see the .gems file)
  3. To deploy to Heroku, also install the heroku gem, and intialize a heroku project
  • Run rake heroku:create name=batman-resume
  1. type rake run or ruby ./resume.rb to run sinatra locally (http://localhost:4567).
  2. Edit views/style.less to make your resume look pretty.
  3. Edit everything until it looks exactly how you like it. I suggest using Dingus for testing your Markdown (http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/dingus)
  4. rake deploy:heroku to push your resume to the internet on heroku (http://batman-resume.heroku.com).

OPTIONAL (GitHub Personal Page Deploy)

  • Deploy to github personal page (http://username.github.com)
    1. Add the github remote repo for your pages (like so git remote add github git@github.com:user/user.github.com.git)
    2. run rake github:render_pages, which will render a index.html and style.css to your root directory
    3. run git add index.html and git add style.css and `git commit -a -m "adding github pages files"
    4. rake deploy:github
    5. Visit http://user.github.com

NOT RECOMMENDED (Publish personal resume gem), NOT recommended some people find this to apparently be the end of the world and are pretty upset about it note the comments.

  1. Edit data/resume.yml & data/resume.md to include your information.
  2. Alter the Rakefile edit GEM_NAME, to reflect your resume name, update the gemspec author, contect, website info
  3. run rake build to generate the gem on your system
    • this will generate a exe in bin of GEM_NAME, but you don't need to check that in git
  4. run rake install to install the gem locally and make sure it works as expected
  5. run rake gemcutter:release to release your new customized gem on gemcutter.
  6. See example resume gem http://rubygems.org/gems/danmayer-resume


  • Make tests generic from resume
  • Make the resume file not included in the git repo
  • fork me on github corner banner, can be displayed on html, but not rendered to other formats
  • automatic conversion to various formats HTML, LaTeX, PDF, and allow downloading in any of the formats
  • possibly merge with a resume generator which after filling out some info via forms or yaml can generate varios resumes in all formats
    • Users could submit templates / stylesheets allowing for differently formatted resumes
  • make sinatra app depend on the gem
  • better filenames for the downloaded resume in various formats (currently saves as latex and markdown)
  • fix the base path stuff refactor it out.
  • look into better tmp file libs


resume.md is property of Nathaniel "Nat" Welch. You are welcome to use it as a base structure for your resume, but don't forget, you are not him.

The rest of the code is licensed CC-GPL. Remember sharing is caring.