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<title>Dan Mayer's Resume</title>
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<p>Daniel Mayer<br/><br/>
226 9th St SE #1<br/>
Washington, DC 20003</p>
<p><a href="">GitHub</a><br/>
<a href="">Blog</a></p>
<li>Custom EventMachine-based protocols</li>
<li>OS X</li>
<li>Javascript (JQuery/Prototype)</li>
<li>Amazon Web Services (Ec2, SimpleDB, S3, SQS)</li>
<li>Distributed Computing</li>
<li>Schemaless DBs (NoSql)</li>
<li>RESTul webservice API&rsquo;s</li>
<li>Pair Programming</li>
<li>Test-Focused Development</li>
<li>Distributed Teams</li>
<li>Agile team management</li>
<li>Contributor to Ruby OSS software</li>
<li>Active on Github</li>
<h2>Work Experience</h2>
Software Developer<br/>
June 2010 &ndash; Current<br/>
Working with a small team of developers to grow LivingSocial. Working on mobile apps, mobile site, APIs, and backend tools.</p>
Founder / CTO / Ruby Software Developer<br/>
April 2008 &ndash; April 2010<br/>
Software startup to make the lives of developers easier. Originally developed accelerated testing for Ruby developers. More recently, launched, which builds code analytics for all Rubygems and builds metrics for public and private git-based Ruby projects.</p>
<li>Built accelerated testing tool, using distributed computing services to run developer tests</li>
<li>Developed a cloud-based continuous integration server and notification services</li>
<li>Developed cloud-based code metrics and analytics project analyzer, which integrated with to provide analytics on all public Rubygems and many OSS git-based projects (7000+ projects)</li>
<li>Member of a distributed agile team &mdash; practiced daily standups, remote pair programming, and continuous integration</li>
<li>Worked extensively with cloud based services and distributed computing techniques. (EC2, Beanstalkd queues, Schemaless SimpleDB, S3)</li>
<li>Developed and deployed EventMachine, Merb, Rails, and Sinatra in production environments</li>
May 2007 &ndash; April 2008<br/>
Small Denver-based consumer web startup. Built <a href=""></a> to help people find the best of everything online by user generated, community-based top 10 lists on topics or products. Seekler was a social way to rank things with friends or the entire community.</p>
Java Lead Engineer<br/>
August 2006 &ndash; May 2007<br/>
Developed web sites for Fortune 500 companies. Managed a small Java team with local and international remote employees.</p>
<li>Developed and deployed large scale newspaper, real estate, and car rental companies Java sites</li>
<p><strong>Impact Science &amp; Technology (IST)</strong><br/>
Java Software Engineer<br/>
December 2005 &ndash; June 2006<br/>
Developed full lifecycle of a DOD distributed synchronous infrastructure in Java.</p>
<p>University of Colorado<br/>
Boulder, CO<br/>
B.S., Computer Science<br/>
GPA: 3.185</p>
<p><em>References available on request</em></p>
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