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== 1.4.0 2010-01-24
* Major enhancements:
* Completely rewritten query generation engine queries supports
arbitrarily deep nesting of complex AND/OR/NOT operators. This means that
code such as:
Post.all(:title => "foo") | Post.all(:title => "bar", :body => "baz")
will generate a SELECT statement similar to the following
SELECT title from mydomain where title = "foo" OR ( title = "bar" AND body = "baz" )
* New query engine supports range and IN predicates to the extent possible on
SimpleDB, including converting empty inclusion predicates to a form that
SimpleDB can understand. Exclusive ranges e.g. (0...5) now raise a
NotImplementedError instead of being silently flaky.
* Support for native condition expressions, e.g.:
Post.all(:conditions => 'title in "%banannas%"')
This includes support for variable interpolation:
Post.all(:conditions => ['title = ?', "foo"])
post.all(:conditions => ['title = :title', {:title => "foo"}]
Interpolated values will be quoted according to SimpleDB value quoting
* Support for arbitrarily large limits. The concept of a query limit and a
batch limit have been completely separated in this release. If the batch
limit is set to 100 and a query is limited to 201 items, it will generate
three selects: two with "LIMIT 100" and one with "LIMIT 1".
* Vastly improved logging and benchmarking. For a given high-level operation,
such as a DataMapper "read", the adapter can output:
* Number of individual AWS calls made (e.g. individual SELECTs)
* Aggregate AWS box usage
* User CPU time
* System CPU time
* Wallclock time
* Minor enhancements:
* Even better quoting. With the new SELECT translator in place, all domain
names, attribute names, and values should be quoted properly according to
SimpleDB rules.
* No direct dependency on RightAws. All operations are performed via SDBTools
* New "batch_limit" option to configure the maximum results requested per
SELECT call. Amazon sets a cap of 250 on this value.
== 1.3.0 2010-01-19
* 1 major enhancement:
* Now supports :offset in queries. Combined with improved :limit support, this
makes it possible to efficiently paginate result sets.
* 1 minor enhancement:
* Better quoting of select statements using the 'sdbtools' library.
* "Null mode" can be set with :null => true. Null mode logs DB operations but
does not actually connect to AWS.
== 1.2.0 2010-01-13
* 2 minor enhancements:
* Better support for String attributes with multiple values which were not
created by the String chunking system.
* Now tries to take model and repository into account when determining storage
name for a table.
== 1.1.0 2009-11-24
* 2 major enhancements:
* Supports legacy (pre-1.0.0) objects
Prior to version 1.0.0 there were some differences in how this adapter
stored nils and strings containing newlines. The adapter will now detect old
objects and load them correctly.
* Adds object versioning
New records created by the adapter now have version metadata attached to
them, making it easier to change how objects are stored in the future.
* 1 bug fix
* Fixed an "odd number of arguments for hash" error when saving objects.
* Cleanup/refactoring
* Work has begun to start splitting out functionality into separate files and
* Added unit tests to complement the existing integration tests
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