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CPU Thermal Frequency Daemon

Frequency daemon focused on preventing thermal shutdown

Home page
github, releases
Dan A. Muresan (danmbox at gmail dot com)


cputhermalfreqd is a daemon that controls the CPU speed using the cpufreq drivers. Unlike other similar daemons, it is focused on slowing down your CPU once the system gets too hot, thus preventing inopportune thermal shutdowns (and thermal shutdowns are never opportune).

cputhermalfreqd initially figures out what sensors are available by strace-ing the sensors command. It then monitors them periodically, and changes CPU speed via the cpufreq-set command according to temperature thresholds defined by the user.



Run cputhermalfreqd directly as below.


cputhermalfreqd expects a decreasing list of temperature thresholds expressed as degrees Celsius below the critical temperature. For example cputhermalfreq 23 18 12 means

  • run at the fastest CPU speed so long as all sensors are at least 23°C below their critical temperature
  • then switch to the 2nd fastest speed so long as all sensors have at least 18°C to go
  • then to the 3rd speed step (until at least one sensors is within 12°C of its critical temperature)
  • finally switch to the 4th speed step

If the temperature decreases, cputhermalfreqd increases CPU speed correspondingly.


Copyright 2013-2014 Dan A. Muresan

See LICENSE.txt for licensing information.