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This is a fork of Brions extension for js and css,,
modified for use with wikimarkup

Uses embedded Cloud9 Editor:

Browsers tested:
- Firefox 11.0 / Mac
- Chrome 18.0.1025.142 / Mac

Browsers tested with issues:
- Opera 12.00 alpha / Mac: copy / paste doesn't work
- Safari: renders ok, but for some funny reason you can't type "}"
  Same problem at 

Browsers not tested:
- IE 8.0.6001.18702 / Win XP: Problems have been reported with
  Brion's CodeEditor, so problems should be expected!

Known issues:
- serious problems with right-to-left scripts and perhaps other complex scripts. 
- 'discard your changes?' check on tab close doesn't trigger
- ties into WikiEditor, so doesn't work on classic toolbar
- copy/paste not available from context menu (Firefox, Chrome on Linux -- kbd & main menu commands ok)
- accessibility: tab/shift-tab are overridden. is there a consistent alternative for keyboard-reliant users?
- accessibility: accesskey on the original textarea needs to be moved over or otherwise handled
- cursor/scroll position not maintained over previews/show changes