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Simple CLI app to optimize images for the web.
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Cruncher is a simple but powerful command line tool that optimizes images for the web.


Install and update Cruncher using pip.

$ pip install cruncher

It is highly recommenced that you run Cruncher with virualenv. This can abstract away the peculiarities of running Cruncher across multiple operating systems.

Cruncher is built for Python 3. It is tested on Python 3.6 and newer.

Basic Usage

Cruncher is run from the terminal. Simply specify the image or directory of images you wish to compress, and your preferred settings.


$ cruncher -i "C:\path_to_image\the_image.jpg" -q 75 -s 300 500 -o "C:\path_to_output_dir"

In this example the following options are used.

-i Is the path to the image you wish to compress.

-q Is the output image quality.

-s Is the output images dimensions (width, height).

-o Is the output directory.

Please read the documentation for more details about these options and the others that exist.


Cruncher Documentation

  1. Installation
  2. CLI Options
  3. JSON Configuration
  4. ICC Profile Conversion
  5. Troubleshooting



Copyright © 2019 Daniel Morell

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