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Cool cyan glow syntax theme for Atom editor
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Atom iCe Syntax Theme

This is a dark Atom Syntax theme with a cool glow of cyan and a black background.



The easiest way to install Atom ice is to do as follows:

  • Go to Atom > Settings
  • Click + Install
  • Search for atom ice syntax and click themes button to search.
  • Browse for atom ice syntax and click install

Alternatively you can use the Atom Package Manager:

apm install atom-ice-syntax

If you prefer the old look, install using apm

apm install atom-ice-syntax@0.2.0

You may also need


Anyone is welcome to contribute to the development of this theme. It can be a lot of work to keep up on, and I'll take help wherever i can get it :)

Getting The Code

1. Fork

If you're keen to contribute, start by forking the repo and cloning it to your computer.

Note: To use the development version, you must first install the production version (apm uninstall atom-ice-syntax), then and run the following commands:

# To install the local version as an Atom Theme
apm link .

# Open with dev mode:
atom --dev .

2. Make Some Changes

Once this is complete you will be able to edit atom-ice files directly in Atom and see your changes in real time.

3. Create a Pull Request

Once you are satisfied, with your updates, commit your change, push them to your fork and submit a pull request with a description of the changes that you made.

4. Unlink

Once you're done working locally and ready to install the production version again, simply run apm unlink . from the root of the atom-ice-syntax project.

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