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#Web File Manager and Gallery

This project used to be named "Ultrose", so you may still see references to that name.

This project is a one-file file manager / browser.

As a zero-install single file under 50 KB, you get:

  • Image Gallery (with thumbnail generation)
  • 24 Custom themes to choose from (including "random")
  • Emailer
  • Area for nav links
  • Public File Browser
  • Private File Manager (upload, delete, move)
  • No other files needed beyond index.php.

File manager screenshot


The only file you need index.php. Just drop it in a web server that supports PHP5+, and you are good to go! The jQuery libraries it uses are hosted by Google's public hosting services.


The gallery is triggered automatically for all images it sees in the directory. The default thumbnail directory is thumbnails and is hidden from users not logged in. This directory and thumbnails will be created in the same directory as index.php. Thumbnails are generated as-needed when it sees an image file and when that image has been updated.

The gallery can be disabled so images are listed as normal files.


This project is considered feature complete. Open issues on GitHub if you have suggestions or bugs.


The first 180 lines of code is the best documentation. You can enable/disable login and file browsing


Copyright (c) 2012-2016 Dan Nagle - @NagleCode