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Live Demo (Offline)

I'm figuring things out and yak-shaving as I go.

(I'm particularly inexperienced with Datomic)


Implemented/somewhat implemented:

  • Conventional forums <-- topics <-- posts relationship
  • Roles: :admin, :mod, :member, :banned, :guest
  • Avatars. Users are randomly generated one upon registration (randomly-colored square)
  • Admin/mod/users share a single interface. http://gettingreal.37signals.com/ch09_One_Interface.php
  • Post permalinks
  • Debug toolbar. Ex: Shows the full request map
  • Live Markdown preview on New Topic and New Post forums (same Markdown parser on server and client)
  • CSRF protection


  • Private messages
  • Users able to "heart"/+1 posts
  • @<Username> mentions to summon a user
  • Notifications for new hearts, private messages, and @mentions
  • "Report Post" button so users can notify admins/mods
  • Embedded BBCode for support for things like font colors and richer formatting


Homepage (Forum index):


Live Markdown preview:

Markdown preview

Moderator tools:

Moderator tools

Debug toolbar:

Debug toolbar

Running it

Start the transactor

  • Download latest Datomic-free

  • cd into it

  • Uncomment the dev laptop settings in config/samples/free-transactor-template.properties

  • Run the transactor in its own terminal:

      bin/transactor -Xmx1g config/samples/free-transactor-template.properties

Start clj-forum

  • git clone git@github.com:danneu/clj-forum.git
  • cd clj-forum
  • lein ring server

(Run tests with lein autoexpect)


The flow:

  1. Routes in forum.handler send params to a controller in forum.controllers.*.
  2. A controller make DB calls and (unimplemented:) authorizes access, then passes values to a view in forum.views.*.
  3. Views are just Hiccup datastructures.


  • forum.middleware.expose-request binds a dynamic var req that any namespace can refer to if they want to see the full Ring request-map. Ideally, req will be broken up into more specific functions/vars sort of like this next middleware:
  • forum.middleware.wrap-current-user binds a dynamic var current-user that either contains the DB entity of a user ({:user/uname "kate", :user/digest "abc", :user/topics [...], :user/posts [...], ...}) or nil if there is no user logged in. It reads this data from the session.


  • forum.controllers.sessions is the controller used in the login/logout flow. It creates a session or sets it to nil.
  • The session is stored in an encrypted cookie that's signed by an application-unique :session-secret that should be defined in resources/config.edn. The secret should be >= 16 bytes (minimum necessary for the AES key).

Database attributes:


  • :user/uname - username
  • :user/digest - plaintext salt concatenated with hashed password (then converted to base64)
  • :user/topics - refs of the topics the user has created
  • :user/posts
  • :user/created - when user was created
  • :user/uid - unique id of user that's autoincremented on creation. the preferred lookup attribute.
  • :user/role - either :admin or :mod (:member and :guest are not stored in the database. A :member is {:user/uid _, ...} without a given role. A :guest is a user with no :user/uid -- a user that's not saved in the database.)


  • :forum/title
  • :forum/desc - description
  • :forum/topics
  • :forum/uid


  • :topic/title
  • :topic/posts
  • :topic/uid
  • :topic/created

The OP's post in a topic is simply the first post (sorted by uid ascending). A topic is just a titled collection of posts.


  • :post/text
  • :post/uid
  • :post/created