a node+koa+postgres forum currently in production
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Dependency Status

A forum running in production.

Disclaimer: The majority of the code was written when I was new to Koa and SQL.

Setup and Install

The Guild is a Node.js app that talks to a Postgres database.

  • Install the latest stable version of Node (v6.x).

  • The Guild depends on the plv8 Postgres extension.

  • Download the repository and enter the directory that it created:

    git clone git@github.com:danneu/guild.git
    cd guild
  • Enter the guild directory and install its dependencies:

    npm install
  • Launch Postgres (by default it will run on http://localhost:5432) and create an empty database named guild.

    createdb guild
  • The Guild comes with a command that rebuilds the database with tables and fills them with some data to play with:

    npm run reset-db
  • Now you can launch the server:

    npm start
    > Listening on http://localhost:3000

Config and Environment Variables

The Guild is configured with environment variable listed in server/config.js.

It will run with the default variables, but some features are turned off until they are configured:


TODO: These are out of date. Are these even valid anymore?

  • Add tests for authorization abstraction
  • Create docs/bulk_updates.sql
  • Add online-status to post user-meta for mobile-sized devices
  • Fix slow BBCode tags like [tabs] so that I can possibly render BBCode on the fly instead of pre-baking it in the html columns
  • Finish BBCode support in convos
  • Create cronjob (Heroku Scheduler) for db.clearExpiredViews
  • I'm sorting friendships by latest_online_at DESC NULLS LAST on homeage. Do I have an index on that in prod?